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Kuza Asset Management is an Asset Management Company, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Founded in 2021 to offer bespoke investment solutions. We are licensed as a Fund Manager by the Capital Markets Authority and Retirement Benefits Authority.

We understand the value of building a long-lasting, trustworthy relationship with a partner who is committed to walk with you through your entire investment journey.


Our Experience

Our Tailored Solutions

Kuza specializes in offering various investment options that are expertly crafted to address different client profiles. We take our time to understand your key needs e.g. liquidity, regular income, capital preservation, capital growth, diversification, etc. Through Kuza, your hard-earned money will find a perfect home in one or many of our well-thought-out and customized solutions.



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Our Expertise

Private Wealth Management

We offer bespoke private investment management and advisory services designed for institutional and high net-worth investors seeking
to optimize their investment portfolios and maximize returns. This is achieved through professional portfolio construction, active portfolio trading, liquidity management, continuous monitoring and reporting.

Our Expertise

Private Debt Fund

Private debt is one of the fastest growing asset classes as investors seek investment opportunities to increase their portfolio returns. The asset class offers a strong value proposition for investors looking for alternatives to government bonds & bills and illiquid real estate investments. Kuza Asset Management has designed a private debt offering to provide investors access to this fast-growing asset class and deliver competitive risk-weighted returns.


Time Tested and well researched strategies

Our Investment Philosophy

We understand what is at stake; your hard-earned savings.  We also take the time to understand;
    • a) What is unique about you
    • b) What is important to you
    • c) What you seek to achieve through investments
Our investment philosophy is based on time-tested and well-researched strategies that will be tailor-made to suit your unique situation. Our breath of proficiency spans across both global and local asset classes that include;
    • a) Fixed Income
    • b) Listed and Unlisted Equities
    • c) Offshore Investments
    • d) Real Estate
    • e) Private Debt

Our Expertise

Unit Trust Funds

Investors pool their money into unit trust funds (UTFs), which are managed by professional fund managers and invested in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, or other authorized securities.

The pooled money in the Unit Trust Fund earns dividends, interest income, and/or capital gains, depending on the asset class. Unit trust funds usually issue investors with units in exchange for their investments, which act as a portion of the underlying portfolio of securities.

At Kuza Asset Management, you can choose from a variety of Unit Trust Funds tailored to your specific needs.

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