Kuza Momentum Fund

 leverages quality research, well-proven investment strategies, and a flexible Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) to take advantage of short-term and long-term capital markets inefficiencies stemming from macroeconomic trends and business cycles which provide high-yielding investment opportunities to deliver high returns to the aggressive and risk-tolerant longer-term horizon investor who wishes for capital growth.

Allowable securities
To attain the desired return outcomes, the Fund may invest in the following:
1. Equity and fixed-income securities listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange or any other recognized exchange.
2. Offshore equity and fixed-income securities, both listed and unlisted.
3. Initial Public Offerings.
4. Derivative Instruments.
5. Collective Investment Schemes.

Minimum Investment
Minimum initial investment – KES 250,000.
Minimum top-up amount – KES 100,000.
Lock-in period – 6 months.

Management Fee
Annual Management Fee- 2.00%

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