Kuza Income Drawdown Fund

Kuza Income Drawdown Fund

The Kuza Income Drawdown Fund (IDD) will empower you with unmatched alternatives for your post-retirement funds. You will preserve your right to continue owning your retirement savings, draw what you need for your day-to-day upkeep, and watch your fund balance grow even further with superior investment returns.

Who should consider the Kuza Income Drawdown Fund?

  1. Individuals seeking flexibility and control over their retirement funds.
  2. Those who prioritize the longevity of benefits, desiring sustained support throughout their retirement.
  3. Individuals wanting to actively participate in future returns generated from their money.
  4. Those preferring to take some time to deliberate before committing to the purchase of an annuity.

Benefits of the Kuza Income Drawdown Fund

  1. Save on Tax.
  2. Maintain control of your retirement savings.
  3. Grow your savings even as you draw down.
  4. Defer the annuity choice to a later date
  5. Access other value-add risk benefits as riders on your drawdown balance.