Kuza Segregated Pension Mandate

Kuza Segregated Pension Mandate

Kuza Asset Management Limited is a registered investment manager with both CMA and RBA. This solid regulatory foundation speaks to our commitment to compliance and accountability. 

Moreover, we give the promise of fiducial peace through unmatched investment strategies and superior returns. Whether you want us to have a focused, asset-specific mandate or prefer to hand over the reins for the entire investment function of your fund, we are well-equipped to handle both scenarios.

Why should you consider opting in for the Kuza Pension Segregated Mandate?

  1. Extensive expertise in Segregated Mandates.
  2. Expertise in Fixed Income Mandates.
  3. Expertise in Offshore Investment Mandates.
  4. Shared Mandate to dilute single-sourcing risks.

Benefits of the Kuza Segregated Pension Mandate

  1. Unique investment value proposition only available with Kuza.
  2. Benefit from competitive performance based outcomes.
  3. Leverage asset specific expertise for accelerated growth and returns
  4. Create competitive platform for your investment management function.