Kuza Private Wealth Management Fund

 is designed as a Private Wealth Management package perfectly suited to those for whom a generic off-the-shelf solution would simply not do. Investors with unique investment requirements require unique solutions.

Our wealth of experience allows us to design an interactive investment process that will bring your financial dreams to life. We are confident in our ability to satisfy even the most demanding accredited individual investor or high-value families.

Our client-obsessed focus ensures that we execute a diversified portfolio to optimize your risk-adjusted return at the lowest charge possible. Your entire Kuza Private Wealth journey spans
three key milestones:
1. Determination of your individual or family’s total financial objectives and needs.
2. Creation of investment strategy and action plans documented in an Investment Policy
3. Implementation and periodic review.

Kuza’s Private Wealth Management value proposition is to provide an unrivaled complete and customizable solution to satisfy any investment goals and ensuring cost and tax efficiency which are the cornerstones of our portfolio construction. We actualize your Investment Policy Statement through a wide variety of Investment classes. With a particular focus on your unique requirements, we draft an optimal asset mix of:
1. Offshore equities.
2. Local equities.
3. Local fixed income.
4. Offshore fixed income.

Minimum Investment
Minimum Investment Amount – KES 10,000,000.

Management Fees
Annual Management Fee – 1.00% p.a.
Other – 80/20 share of outperformance

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