Kuza Umbrella Retirement Benefits Fund

Kuza Umbrella Retirement Benefits Fund

The Kuza Umbrella is ideal for employers who want to deliver their retirement promises to their staff by adhering to an already existing scheme. You will leverage on economies of scale to achieve greater milestones better than setting up your own employer-sponsored stand-alone scheme.  It also helps you to contract your staff out of NSSF Tier 2 contributions for safety and better returns.

Who should consider the Kuza Umbrella Retirement Benefits Fund?

  1. Businesses seeking to initiate a Retirement Plan for their employees.
  2. Businesses looking to transfer their company’s retirement arrangement from the current provider.
  3. Those in search of a superior fund that provides competitive returns.
  4. Businesses aiming for a cost-effective retirement arrangement that allows them to focus on their core operations.
  5. Employers who want to offer a retirement arrangement to their employees without imposing financial liabilities on those appointed to oversee it.
  6. Employers who wish to diversify their employees’ NSSF savings by opting out of Tier 2 contributions to an approved reference scheme/ fund. 

Benefits of the Kuza Umbrella Retirement Benefits Fund

  1. Save on Tax.
  2. Benefit from economies of scale.
  3. Grow your savings in a safe environment.