Kuza Shariah Momentum Fund

Kuza Shariah Momentum Fund (KES)

The Kuza Shariah Momentum Fund aims to provide investors with sustained long-term capital growth through exclusive investments adhering to Shariah principles. The fund strategically allocates funds into a diverse portfolio, encompassing halal businesses and securities across local and offshore equities, IPOs, REITs, and Sukuk investments. This commitment to Shariah-compliant opportunities reflects the fund’s dedication to ethical and responsible investment practices, offering a unique avenue for investors seeking growth within the bounds of Islamic finance.

Why Kuza Shariah Momentum Fund?

The Kuza Shariah Momentum Fund is customized for investors with an inclination for embracing risk to achieve exceptional long-term capital growth. It appeals to both individuals and institutions, particularly those who value the combination of risk and growth, aligning with a commitment to Shariah-compliant investment practices. The Fund appeals to those who pursue the following:

  1. Investors who desire medium to long-term capital growth in their portfolio.
  2. Investors looking to gain exposure to a mix of equity and fixed-income investments for a well-rounded approach.
  3. Those willing to commit to a 3 to 5-year investment horizon, recognizing the potential for substantial growth over time.
  4. Institutional players such as pension funds.
  5. Retail investors with above-average risk appetites, drawn to the prospect of significant returns through Shariah-compliant avenues.

Minimum Investment

Minimum initial investment – KES 250,000.

Minimum top-up amount – KES 100,000.

Lock-in period – 6 months.

Management Fees
Annual Management Fee – 2.00%