Kuza Private Debt Fund

 is made to allow our clients to participate in one of the fastest-growing asset classes globally as investors scout for investment opportunities to enhance their overall portfolio returns. The asset class offers a strong value proposition for investors looking for alternatives to government bonds and bills, illiquid real estate investments, and listed equities. Kuza has created a private debt offering to give investors access to this fast-growing asset class and offer investors competitive risk-weighted returns through the Kuza Private Debt Fund.
With the focus being on unlisted securities, the Kuza Private Debt Fund invests in:
1. Commercial Paper.
2. Corporate Bonds.

Minimum Investment
Minimum Initial Investment Amount – KES 1,000,000.
Minimum Top-up – KES 100,000.

Management Fees
Management Fee – 2.00% p.a.
Other – 80/20 share of outperformance.

Shopping Basket
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