Kuza Individual Pension Plan

Kuza Individual Pension Plan

The Kuza Individual Pension Plan (IPP) is tailored to suit your needs, allowing you to save for a secure financial future at your own pace while maximizing returns and taking advantage of tax exemptions. Additionally, you have the option to consolidate all deferred benefits from previous employers using this plan.

Who should consider the Kuza Individual Pension Plan?

  1. Individuals looking to start a Personal Pension Plan and save for their future retirement needs.
  2. Those aiming to consolidate all deferred benefits held by previous employers into one personal plan for close monitoring.
  3. Individuals who are interested in starting a parallel retirement plan to augment their retirement savings and boost potential future income.
  4. Those seeking a plan to save specifically for post-retirement medical needs.

Benefits of the Kuza Individual Pension Plan

  1. Save on Tax.
  2. Consolidate your Deferred Benefits held by previous Employer Funds.
  3. Grow your savings in a safe environment.