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Kuza Money Market Fund

Kuza Money Market Fund Introduction The Kuza Money Market Fund has the low-risk investor in mind. Investing in the Money Market Fund provides an inflation-beating return while only taking minimal risk. The fund satisfies the investor ...


Kuza Fixed Income Fund

Kuza Fixed Income Fund Introduction The Kuza Fixed Income Fund is tailor-made for medium-to-high risk investors. Investing in the Fixed Income Fund exposes you to reasonable interest rate risks but provides growth on top of your pe ...


Private Wealth Solutions

Private Wealth Solution Introduction Kuza has designed a private wealth package perfectly suited to those for whom a generic off-the-shelf solution would simply not do. Investors with unique investment requirements require unique sol ...


Kuza Momentum Fund

Kuza Momentum Fund Introduction The Fund focuses on quality research and well-proven investment strategies to deliver on our client’s promise. We also lean on a flexible Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) to benefit from both short-term ...